Meet Our Characters

With help from our very own children, we created our cute characters with the goal to help inspire kids to eat healthy while making it fun. These lovable companions are on a mission - motivate kiddos to

Eat, Play ,Thrive.

  • Berry

    Meet Berry, a playful feline with a coat of vibrant orange that resembles a warm summer sunset. Berry has a passion for checkers with an unexpected twist. Instead of ordinary game pieces, Berry replaces them with delicious strawberries, enticing others to play with their juicy allure. Each checker move is a delightful and tasty adventure.
  • Brock

    Say hey to Brock, a green-skinned, safety first dino that rides skateboards while enjoying munching on broccoli. Brock's love for healthy eating and skateboarding creates a one-of-a-kind character that inspires others to embrace their passions and enjoy nutritious foods.
  • Clementine

    This is Clementine, a charismatic raccoon with a talent for juggling! She dazzles everyone with her impressive juggling skills. With incredible finesse, she effortlessly tosses and twirls vibrant oranges, creating a mesmerizing display of coordination and dexterity. Clementine's playful nature and zest for healthy fun inspires others to embrace a vibrant and fruity lifestyle.
  • Pepper

    Introducing Pepper, a spirited canine soccer player! With a wagging tail and a gleam of enthusiasm in his eyes, Pepper takes to the field with a bell pepper as his trusty soccer ball. Pepper's love for the game and healthy playtime inspires others to embrace an active lifestyle and enjoy nutritious foods.