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We all want the best for our kids, and we want them to be healthy. Below are some paths to take to get help with your families diet and nutrition challenges.

I help families with starting solids and infant feeding, picky eaters, healthy eating for the entire family, GI concerns, athletes and all medical nutrition concerns.

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    Through the initial assessment I will analyze your child's unique needs and preferences. We will then develop personalized diet recommendations and create goals to meet your families' needs. Nutrition visits are a combination of education, coaching, accountability, meal planning based on what your families' needs are. We will get to dive into your concerns around feeding and start making some lasting changes.
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    Regular pediatric nutrition visits are a vital component of your child's overall health and well-being. Through a membership, not only will you get the benefit of regular visits to address education, nutrition strategies and goal setting, but you have ongoing accountability and accessible professional advice when you need it.
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"Jenny was our family's guiding light during a very difficult time. Not only did she help us create an actionable plan - with realistic goals - for our son, but she went above and beyond to reassure me and my husband that we were doing the right things. It may seem simple, but as first time parents, her encouragement was exactly what we needed to take the pressure off and start having fun again. It made the world of a difference for our family and we will be forever indebted to Jenny's expertise!" - Jessica

“Jenny listened to our concerns and learned about the way that we were approaching our baby’s mealtimes. She helped identify our problems and suggested new ways to go about feeding our baby. After our first session with Jenny, we cut down on the amount of milk that we feed to our baby and set up a fixed eating schedule for him. After 2 weeks, we noticed a clear difference in his attitude towards food. We are very happy with the result and recommend Jenny to any parents struggling with their kids mealtimes.” - Jenny

“Jenny had a kind and supportive approach to teaching my daughter and myself how to improve our diet so that we are getting all the right nutrients. There were a few areas that were very low and Jenny gave us easy and concrete ideas how to add them into our daily routine. Most importantly, my daughter's feedback was listened to and incorporated into the plan so that she was invested in making a positive change. We would highly recommend Jenny” - Suzanne

“Jenny was sensitive to my teen's insecurities around food issues and got her to be honest with herself and open up.” - Lena

“It was a pleasure working with Jenny. She is so friendly and I never once felt insecure or judged when discussing my eating habits, which is something that deterred me from doing so in the past with other people. As a college student, Jenny has helped me transform my admittedly terrible freshman year diet — I am now a sophomore enjoying exponentially healthier eating habits, along with noticeable improvements in my physique. I’m excited to continue to make progress based on Jenny’s recommendations, and I would not hesitate for a second to work with her again.” - Tim